DESERV Prime 270 Watts Poly –



IP67 Juncton box

10 years of product warranty

25 Years of limited power output warranty


Extreme weather resilience

Windspeed – 2400 Pa,

Snowload – 5400 Pa

Highly reliable anti-reflective

coated glass

1000 Vdc or 1500 Vdc


PID resistant

Low light performance

High power density


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DESERV Prime & X-Prime are specially designed high voltage PV Modules

with Multi Crystalline Silicon Cells.

The ideal PV Module for all applications that use the highest quality of PV Cells, in-house Encapsulants, and Back sheets.

Whether you are looking for DCR compliant modules or solar modules made with Indigenous solar PV Cells -RenewSys offers the

highest quality PV cells and PV modules Made in India. These Multi Crystalline high-efficiency BIS certified Modules are

designed to suit applications from small lighting systems to utility-scale power plants

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Weight 18 kg


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