DESERV Extreme Bi-Facial – 380Wp


Solar Cell Type: Bi Facial Mono PERC

Cell Efficiency (Front side): 21.1%

Field Measurment: 502 Wp @Albedo 32%

Front Side Power: 390Wp

Module Efficiency (%): 25.3

DESERV Extreme Bi-Facial – 380Wp

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DESERVE Extreme is an innovation engineered by combining Bi-Facial and  Mono PERC PV Cells.

The Bi-Faciality is facilitated by a ‘Transparent Backsheet’  developed in-house.

Power from both front and back

High operating current and voltage

lower conversion losses

High performance as compared to conventional 72 cellPV Modules

Better performance under shading


Additional information

Weight 25 kg


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