Lento 2.1KVA/24V Pure Sinewave Inverter (Hybrid)


Generator Compatibility in UPS Mode
Battery Deep Discharge Protection
Battery Reverse Polarity Protection
Computer grade Switch over time
Super fast charging due to pulse Technology
ABM technology (Automatic Battery Management)
Software controlled auto reset features for overload/short circuit
Comprehensive LCD display

Lento 2.1KVA/24V Pure Sinewave Inverter (Hybrid)

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Smart Load Sharing Compact ability
Protection against Short Circuit AC Mains Fuse
Trip Overload, Reverse Phase
Battery Charging even at low Voltage
Bypass Switch in case of Fault
Selectable low Battery Cut off Voltage
Selectable charging current & voltage for all types of batteries
Re settable Circuit breaker for AC mains

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Weight 19.7 kg


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