Sun King Solar Lighting- Home 40 Plus


  • 2 Tube Lights- with attached wall-mounted switches
  • Energy hub
  • Solar panel with 5 meter cord
  • Charging kit with USB cable and phone adapters

Total Lumen Output                   400 Lumens
Run time                                        Low power mode 30 hours  Normal mode  10 hours  Turbo  6 hours
USB Phone Charging Port         Normal charge USB port: 5V/1,8A
Battery                                           2550 mAh  7.4 volts lithium-ion (NMC) battery
Solar Panel                                   5.5 watts, 10.5 volts polycrystalline solar with aluminum frame an 5 meter cable
Battery indicator                         While in use, digital LED meter displays remaining battery power
on low battery, the USB discharge output will be shut down
Power Port                                   Power ports: 7.4V/3A ma DC output
Notice: Only for sun king Home 40 plus light
Charging Indicator                     Digital LED meter display effectiveness on a scale of 1 to 4 help optimize panel placement
Enclosure                                     Rugged ABS and Polycarbonate plastic, IP rating:IP20, Keep away from water. in case                                                          of rain expose, please dry the unit under sunlight

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Weight 2 kg


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