Sun King Home 500X


Battery 141.52Wh Lithium-ion NMC Battery

Battery Indicator While in Use, Digital LED Meter Displays Remaining Battery Power

Solar Panel 50 Watt, Polycrystalline solar Panel With Aluminum Frame and 6 Meter Cable

Tube Lights 4 Bright Tube Lights With 800 Lumens Power

Motion Sensing Lamps 1 Motion Sensing security Lamp

Digital HD Television Available in 32″

Charging Indicator Digital LED Meter Displays Charging Effectiveness

USB Mobile Charging 5V/1.8A

Power Port Four 12V(+/-3V) Ports. One Port Has a TV Communication Port Designed For TV Powering

Light Mode 3 Different Light Modes For Various Needs

Sun King Home 500X

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Battery: 11.1V 141.52Wh lithium-ion NMC battery

Solar Panel: 50W 16V polycrystalline solar panel

Battery Indicator: While in use, the digital LED meter will display the remaining battery power. On low battery, the USB discharge output will be shut down.

Charging Indicator: Digital LED meter displays charging effectiveness. (For optimal device charging, install the solar panel appropriately to maximize its exposure to sunlight)

Power Port: Four 12V(+/-3V) Ports. One port has a TV communication port designed for TV powering. The power ports’ minimum voltage may reach 9V, which some appliances might not be fully compatible with.

Enclosure: Rugged ABS. Designed for indoor use only. Keep away from water.

Available Daily Energy: 175 Wh/day Assumed usage profile: Light spot – 100% when not solar charging the other kits (TV, etc.) -60% use while solar charging, and 40% when not solar charging.

Warranty: Standard 2-year Sun King Warranty

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Weight 4 kg


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