Solar Security Wall Light -MARS – 1000lm

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Lumens 1000lm (Motion Sensor)

LED Quantity 20pcs

Power of solar panel 0.5W

Daylight Charging

Lighting time 5 days




Only green indicator, M1: Flash the light once;
M2: Flash the light twice;
M3: Flash the light three time

GGre1:: 0+PIR(1000lm)10s;
:20lm till sunrise

Discharging temperature -20℃~60℃

Charging temperature 0℃~45℃

Switch light sensor ≥50 Lux, on ≤10 Lux,off

Light modes 1、0+PIR(1000lm)10s; 2、20lm+PIR(1000lm)10s;3、20lm till sunrise。

Short press to switch between lighting modes

Beam angle 120°~140°

Material Thermal Conductive Plastics

Warranty 1 years

Additional information

Weight 0.38 kg


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