Solar UV Germicidal Lamp (10W)

Original price was: ₦22,000.00.Current price is: ₦20,000.00.


Kill 99.9% virus widely

Portable Mobile Lighting and PIR motion senor wall light

More safety protection: Auto turn off UVC scanning when face your eyes /Prevent misuse by children/Sterilization timing

Battery protection: Keeps the battery in normal temperature to guaranty longer life span

Dual charging: Sun and USB

Solar UV Germicidal Lamp (10W)
22,000.00 Original price was: ₦22,000.00.20,000.00Current price is: ₦20,000.00.

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Solar Panel: 1W/4.86V
Battery Type: 18650 (lithium-ion) 2000mAH
LED white light 2835 UV light 3535
Chip quantity white light 50pcs, UV light 16pcs
Lumen 1000
Disinfecting light:24mW
Lighting mode: M1: 20 lumens + PIR(1000 lumens) till dawn)
M2: 0 + PIR
Back-up Time(H) 150H)Lighting) disinfecting (4H)
Switch mode: Long press 1,5s turns on UV light single switch button
Indicator light Battery power indicator: green, orange & red
ALS Lighting, AL S2.1 UV light without ALS
TCS high temperature protection

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Weight 1.5 kg


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