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Watt                                  9W
Voltage                             220-230V, 50 Hz
Lumen Output                900 lumens*
Battery                              2200mAh lithium ion
Cycle Lifetime                 500+
Output Voltage Range  100-300V AC
Surge Protection            >=3.5kVA
Charging Time               8-10 Hours
Backup time                   4 hours
Holder                             B22
CRI                                   >=80
Colour Temperature     6500K
Colour                              COOL WHITE
Quantity                          1 Bulb

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3,300.00 Original price was: ₦3,300.00.3,000.00Current price is: ₦3,000.00.

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The Sun King™ Inverter Bulb comes with a B22 base which makes it easy to use in any standard bulb holder commonly available in most homes. It provides instant light, with no warm-up time and offers glare free soft light that doesn’t stress the eyes. The 9W LED shines bright at 900 lumens, and the cool white light at a temperature of 6000K evenly lights up the space. Designed to run for 4 hours on full charge when the mains power supply is off, the Sun King™ Inverter Bulb ensures maximum satisfaction for even the most demanding users. With its 900-lumen, cool white temperature LED light, Sun King™ Inverter Bulb is an ideal product to light up your home, shop, farm or shed.



The Sun King™ Inverter Bulb is powered by a 2200mAh powerful Lithium Ion battery and provides one of the best in class backup. Designed to operate as a smart bulb, it comes with an inbuilt BMS (Battery Management System) to protect the battery from overcharging. With an auto-charge feature, the inbuilt battery charges automatically while the LED bulb is in use on mains power supply.



When the LED bulb is operated with the mains power supply, it gives 100% light output and on emergency backup, it drops up to 50% of the rated light output. When the mains power supply is cut OFF, the Instant Power On feature comes into action and switches ON the bulb immediately to provide emergency backup.



The LED Bulb offers a safe, wide range of operation (100-300V AC) in case of fluctuating voltage and protects the bulb from overheating or damages, thanks to the best in class 3.5kVA surge protection. Low heating ensures the bulb stays cool.


* On AC, backup light output – lumen reduces upto 50%

* Led Bulb may take additional wattage (approx. 10-20%) to charge the battery.

* Battery and other components are irreplaceable.


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